ICF machine-eps shap molding machine

ICF machine-eps shap molding machine

There are several types of forms, (blocks, plank & panels) the basic function is to provide an interior and exterior polystyrene wall, that when erected will provide a form structure capable of containing concrete when placed. Most common foams are expanded polystyrene (EPS) and extruded polystyrene (XPS)

ICF can be cut from blocks or custom molded.
ICF can from EPS cutting machine or EPS shape molding machine.
EPS Vacuum Shape Molding Machine
Model: ESCX-1400
Mold Size: 1400*1200 mm
Max. Product Size: 1360*1160 mm
Max. Product Height: 350 mm
Power: 11.5 kw
Max. Contour Dimensions: 3900*2300*3800 mm
Approx. Weight: 7500 kg
Other available model(s): ESCX-680/790/810/812/1200/1600/1800/2000
Picture(s) & standard dimensions only for reference.
Can be customized to order
quick pressurized filling& interval filling
large steam inlet&outlet, fast molding
revolving steam conveying, more reliable
PLC,touch screen & revolving coder controller

Product Origin: Shanghai , China
Model Number:  
Brand Name: EISHI

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